Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Very ADD Entry Regarding My Life The Past Few Days....

The past week has been a wonderful surprise.  Beginning the second day on my thyroid medication, I woke up feeling better. I have more energy, and I have been able to get a tremendous amount of stuff done.

Could this have been my problem all along?  Definitely since I was 28 years old, I have felt bad. I slugged through life with little hope of feeling better and now here I am considerably healthy and happy.  Now at 41, I feel good again. Good enough to want to get out and do things and move, and finish things!!! I have taken only a handful of naps this week and none of them were the completely exhausted, dead-to-the-world-wake-up-groggy-and-feeling-worse type of naps. These were much shorter and I woke up feeling better!

I haven't weighed so I do not know if I lost any weight.  My appetite has been greatly diminished since starting the medication as well. Some days I would have a small snack and only eat one full meal because I was busy and not hungry.

I have talked to others who have hypothyroidism and are on the same type of medication as I am,  and who say the good benefits diminished with time for them.

I am really hoping that does not happen to me.

Yesterday, I walked 3.5 miles.

I made real progress on my bedroom. :) We are almost to the point of rearranging and finally decorating it!

 Last weekend, raccoons got into my chickens...who were still living on my Dad's farm... and killed 8 of them.  It was horrible. I will spare any readers details, but it was traumatizing to see my feathery friends meet such horrific ends. Raccoons will keep coming back and killing more chickens repeatedly, until the are all gone. They are very cunning hunters and can find ways into the run, you never realized were possible.  So my Dad and I decided the best course of action was to just go ahead and move them over to our new place, even though we really were not ready for them.  So, I caged them up and hauled them over here. I created a small run and covered it with tarps to keep them from flying out.  That worked well for the 3 days until my Husband could get a day off to help me build a new run.  My brother-in-law used his tractor to move the coop.  We reassembled the run here. It isn't anything like we planned, but maybe with time, I can expand it the way I had envisioned it. So, I worked on moving and reassembling the chicken coop and run.  I finished wiring in the "roof" to the chicken run (It is a a wire top to keep predators out.) We placed the chicken coop backwards to the run so we can use the big doors in the front to collect eggs and clean the coop and not have to go in and out of the run.  Due to that, the chickens had no shelter, as we have not yet cut their new door in the back for entering and I packed the two cages we use to transport them in, and put them in the run, placed a tight fitting tarp around the cages for protection from the elements, and then...because chickens don't always sleep where you want them to... I installed two roosts high up in the run, so the chickens can sleep up top if they want to (and they did.) Next, I installed a post for my bobble head, dummy, owl to perch. He scares off predators.  Then I spent the rest of the night picking big, green, caterpillars off my tomato plants, and feeding them to the chickens. I also tied my tomato plants up and took the dogs for their nightly walk in the dusk.

I think it was a very productive day.

Today will not be as productive.

I got up at 6:30, worried about my cat Roly. She had gotten hit by a car last Friday.  I hadn't seen her for nearly 24 hours, so I got up and put food out and called the cats. She came and ate and drank and then disappeared again. She sleeps most of the time right now. I am sure she still has a pretty bad headache. She had a serious concussion, knocked some teeth out of her mouth, and skinned up her pretty face.  She also lost all use of her front right leg. She has learned to hold it up instead of dragging it, so I am hoping that signifies she has regained some control of her "elbow."  She still has not attempted to walk on it, and if she does not regain use of it, it will probably need to be amputated sometime in the future.

Later today I am taking my son to Georgetown to pick up something?  Then back home to clean up before my Husband gets home.  I still need to clean the chicken coop and bury fence to prevent animals from digging in... There is always something that needs to be done!

I forgot to mention it, but it is  beautiful day!  The breeze feels lovely.  Thank you God for such amazing peace and beauty.

Carpe Diem! 

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