Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patty's Day: Food and exercise log

UPDATED: Happy St. Patrick's Day and Good Morning!

Today I feel good, energized, and happy.  I haven't had much of an appetite at all. I started Plexus MegaX so I am unsure if this product has much to do with my new decreased appetite. My knee that had been bothering me has eased up a bit, but now my plantar fasciitis has started bothering me, a result of my increase in wearing super comfortable, but  no arch support, cute dress shoe crocs. I wore my running shoes today but forgot to move my brand new inserts that helps the plantar fasciitis. I will push through regardless.

9:30 AM
Steps so far: 922

Plexus Xfactor
Plexus Slim, 12 calories
Chocolate Plexus 96, 100 calories
Atkin's Sweet and Salty Trail Mix, 190
Coconut Milk, 45
16 ounce water
Total: 347 calories

2 Plexus Bioclense tablets, 0

Turkey, 147
wheat bun, 120
chobani flip almond coco loco, 240
mayonnaise, 68 calories
mustard, 0
Spring water

Total calories so far: 854
646 to go

2:00 PM
Took 2 Plexus Biocleanse

Steps so far:  Under 4000

 I ended the day super stressed.  I was already tired when I left work, I got home to find out Roxy, my Rottweiler, had  gotten out of her enclosure and went to my neighbors house and attacked her chickens.  I spent the rest of the afternoon retrieving her from the pound, visiting my neighbor, apologizing, and paying restitution.  $20, very reasonable.

Roxy has become quite the nuisance the last few months. She has killed one of my chickens. After she ran my neighbors cows my husband (Roxy is really his dog) finally bought her a training shock collar and we had been using it. It has been incredibly successful up until today.

The  problem with a training shock collar is you have to be there to witness the bad behavior and correct it.  My husband left her in our enclosed backyard alone and she escaped, found her way to the neighbors, who free range their chickens.  So literally they are sitting ducks.

The potential for this to happen again makes me want to send her to rescue. I love her to pieces and it will break my heart, but I CAN NOT have a dog that kills others livestock.  At this point I am wondering if there is much of anything we can do to keep her from killing...or attempting to.

This situation has caused me an incredible amount of stress.  After dealing with all this I came home and was very bitchy, down and depressed. I don't like having to take care of this business. I didn't like having to deal with things I never wanted to have to deal with in the first place. I want my dog to behave, but I am at a loss as to what to do.

We have already spent $1000 saving her when she was hit by the car.  We have paid for the shock collar. We are going to have to find a way to keep her home with 0% chance of  her escaping. That is going to mean we will need to be diligent and spend a lot of money we don't have at this time.

I am going to research what I can do to get her properly trained and turn her into a respectful member of society. If she can't cut it, she will have to be re-homed. :(

So this all means for dinner we ordered pizza and I ate 4 slices, ate a yogurt, and drank soda. :( Not the way I had envisioned my day ending, but it happened none the less.

On a positive note, I drank 95 ounces of water. That's the closest I have gotten to my 120 ounce goal.

Steps: I met my 7000 daily step goal I have set for this week. Steps were 7237. I had 17 active minutes.  walked 4.11 miles.  Burned 2675 calories. 

I haven't weighed in awhile but my last weigh in I was down 7 pounds from Maximum Density. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


A few days ago, I heard a guy talking...

He said he had one goal for his life. Just one.

All resources in his life were focused on making that one goal happen.

I always have goals. I always have too many goals. I have probably 5 goals just for 2016...and these are major goals!

I have to admit that the thought of having one goal appealed to me.

But how to make such a goal? How to make such an all-encompassing grouping of words that would define my life and propel me forward into the future for the rest of my life?

I started researching and found blogs of highly successful people who had accomplished so much more than I have in my life. Some of these individuals had at least 100 goals.

These looked more like bucket lists to me.

I have a hard enough time trying to keep my attention on my teeny, tiny list of 6 goals.

So I decided that instead of a goal...I needed a mission statement....a vision for my life.  A statement that I could memorize, print out, write everywhere, take pictures of, use as my wallpaper...

So I started writing down what I wanted to accomplish. I started to ask myself these questions...

What do I want to do? (not necessarily in this order)

  • Write a book
  • Sell a photograph
  • Lose 92 pounds total (85 left to go)
  • Visit the Ocean Yearly (more often if possible)
  • Learn how to paint with various media
  • Get better at drawing (develop a style)
  • Procure enough chickens to be able to sell eggs
  • Be a good Mom
  • be a good wife
  • Follow God's path for me
  • Make Gold, Sr Gold, Ruby, Sr Ruby, Emerald ambassador with Plexus
  • run a 5k
  • Rescue animals
  • Get out of debt
  • Tithe 10% to church and other charitable organizations.
  • Fully fund my own IRA. 
  • Bring people to Christ
What do I want to see?
  • Take a trip down Route 66
  • the Grand Canyon
  • The Pacific Ocean
  • Visit one new beach every 3 years
  • See the Gulf of Mexico
  • The Mississippi River Cruise
  • My children and grandchildren graduate
  • Georgia
  • All animals in HC find homes
  • All my kids graduate from High School and college
What do I want to be? (Not necessarily in this order)
  • A Good wife and mother
  • A good daughter, sister, aunt
  • A follower of Christ
  • An author
  • An artist/photographer
  • A poet
  • An Animal rescuer
  • Responsible adult
  • Good money manager

What do I want to have?

  • My Family
  • My House
  • Healthy relationship
  • A laidback lifestyle
  • A couple of good friends
  • My collections
    • space shuttle program memorabilia
    • Rudolph collectibles
    • dolls
    • old toys
    • Coca Cola Collectibles
    • books
  • Pets, chickens
  • Enough money that I can pay all my bills and still have enough left over to live without conflict
    • to make over $50,000 a year with Plexus and selling my books.
Where do I want to go?
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Georgia
  • The Pacific Ocean
  • Route 66
  • Dirty Dancing Experience
  • The Mississippi river (Cruise)

What do I want to share?

  • My love of Christ 
  • Plexus
  • Wealth (Whatever that looks like)
What are my priorities?
  • To follow Christ
  • To be a good mother
  • to be a good wife
  • to be a good daughter
  • to be a good sister
  • to be a good aunt
  • to become successful with Plexus
  • to become an author
  • to be financially responsible and stable

And just for the record...

Goals I have met already.
  • See the Ocean
  • Get my Bachelors degree in Education
  • Get my Associates Degree in Education
  • Run a 3K
  • Own my own home (Thanks to my husband)
  • Have 4 kids
  • Saw one kid graduate from High School and college
  • Made Silver ambassador with Plexus

So now to come up with a statement that will encompass all these goals and what I want for my life.  

This statement is transitional, metamorphic....a living, changing thing. If my life changes and a goal drops off, so be it. I am sure I will add more to it as things are accomplished and my life ebbs and flows.

"Each day, I will strive to live everyday to my fullest potential; I will spend time with God following the path he leads me on; I will spend time caring for, loving, and nurturing my family, realizing that everything I do for them is an act of love; I will dedicate my time to money making activities to increase my income and take the burden off my husband; I will strive to keep my home clean and in good shape;  I will strive to keep my body as healthy and fit as I possibly can; I will embrace new opportunities for adventure and travel; I will finish my book and get it published, making writing a daily part of my life; I will strive to be the best human being I can be, making good choices, being a good role model, and doing more for others than I do for myself."

The truth is life is not a list to be checked off, however it is not to be drifted through aimlessly either. The goal is to find a balance between work and play, an adult mindset and a child-like perception, between the seasons that embrace us and the ones that plague find faith, hope, and love in whatever cranny we can find absorb all the goodness the world has to give us, to accept the bad, to burn it down, and like a phoenix arise from the ashes more spectacular, strong, and  beautiful!

To not do these things is to waste your life.

 It is my goal to do the best I can with whatever time God has given me.