Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patty's Day: Food and exercise log

UPDATED: Happy St. Patrick's Day and Good Morning!

Today I feel good, energized, and happy.  I haven't had much of an appetite at all. I started Plexus MegaX so I am unsure if this product has much to do with my new decreased appetite. My knee that had been bothering me has eased up a bit, but now my plantar fasciitis has started bothering me, a result of my increase in wearing super comfortable, but  no arch support, cute dress shoe crocs. I wore my running shoes today but forgot to move my brand new inserts that helps the plantar fasciitis. I will push through regardless.

9:30 AM
Steps so far: 922

Plexus Xfactor
Plexus Slim, 12 calories
Chocolate Plexus 96, 100 calories
Atkin's Sweet and Salty Trail Mix, 190
Coconut Milk, 45
16 ounce water
Total: 347 calories

2 Plexus Bioclense tablets, 0

Turkey, 147
wheat bun, 120
chobani flip almond coco loco, 240
mayonnaise, 68 calories
mustard, 0
Spring water

Total calories so far: 854
646 to go

2:00 PM
Took 2 Plexus Biocleanse

Steps so far:  Under 4000

 I ended the day super stressed.  I was already tired when I left work, I got home to find out Roxy, my Rottweiler, had  gotten out of her enclosure and went to my neighbors house and attacked her chickens.  I spent the rest of the afternoon retrieving her from the pound, visiting my neighbor, apologizing, and paying restitution.  $20, very reasonable.

Roxy has become quite the nuisance the last few months. She has killed one of my chickens. After she ran my neighbors cows my husband (Roxy is really his dog) finally bought her a training shock collar and we had been using it. It has been incredibly successful up until today.

The  problem with a training shock collar is you have to be there to witness the bad behavior and correct it.  My husband left her in our enclosed backyard alone and she escaped, found her way to the neighbors, who free range their chickens.  So literally they are sitting ducks.

The potential for this to happen again makes me want to send her to rescue. I love her to pieces and it will break my heart, but I CAN NOT have a dog that kills others livestock.  At this point I am wondering if there is much of anything we can do to keep her from killing...or attempting to.

This situation has caused me an incredible amount of stress.  After dealing with all this I came home and was very bitchy, down and depressed. I don't like having to take care of this business. I didn't like having to deal with things I never wanted to have to deal with in the first place. I want my dog to behave, but I am at a loss as to what to do.

We have already spent $1000 saving her when she was hit by the car.  We have paid for the shock collar. We are going to have to find a way to keep her home with 0% chance of  her escaping. That is going to mean we will need to be diligent and spend a lot of money we don't have at this time.

I am going to research what I can do to get her properly trained and turn her into a respectful member of society. If she can't cut it, she will have to be re-homed. :(

So this all means for dinner we ordered pizza and I ate 4 slices, ate a yogurt, and drank soda. :( Not the way I had envisioned my day ending, but it happened none the less.

On a positive note, I drank 95 ounces of water. That's the closest I have gotten to my 120 ounce goal.

Steps: I met my 7000 daily step goal I have set for this week. Steps were 7237. I had 17 active minutes.  walked 4.11 miles.  Burned 2675 calories. 

I haven't weighed in awhile but my last weigh in I was down 7 pounds from Maximum Density. 

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