Thursday, January 28, 2016

The "Civil" War

Those Yankees ain’t never liked us…
Ever since the Great Divide they have called us names,
They still judge us for the “crimes” that our ancestors committed
not caring we are a proud, but changed people.
Oppressin’ the culture. Stiflin’ our speech. Bannin’ our flag. And blasphemin’ our religion.
They never had the balls to stand up for what they believed…
They bent over and accept whatever Big Brother gave ‘em
Like baby birds accepting whatever scraps that are dropped into their wanton beaks,
weak, helpless, whipped into submission,
beggin’ for more crumbs from a glutton government attempting to suppress their God-given right to fly
Claiming free speech for anyone and everyone,
Except those with Christ as their role model.
To them Southern pride is synonymous with racism
and hatred
because they cannot begin to understand that a war over a century ago
has made us,
A battle for Civil Rights has changed us,
the blood of our brothers still screams from the very soil where we toil
and while we don’t embrace our heritage of slavery,
we still are proud that our ancestors stood up for what they believed in
No matter what side they were on.
Because they fought.
They died for what they thought was right.
And Jesus says dying for your friends is an honorable death.
We Southerners are a strong people,
A proud people,
A patriotic people,
And we will fight for our Bible, our guns, our constitution, our freedom to speak, and our flags
“Yearning to wave free…”
Oppression has been cast from here!
Not by no Yankee’s doing,
But by our own bloodied hands.
And we won’t be tolerating
 any injustice now.

Copyright Melody Bills-Hubbard 2016. No use without the express written consent of the author.