Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Plexus Journey

It is quiet.

Not silence...I can hear the kids playing their video games....WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY PLAYING? I just heard the F-bomb!! 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PAUSE for Motherhood duties~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Okay, so where was I? O yes, silence...it's not silent, but there is snow on the ground and the kids are home and there is no screaming.  My Rottweiler, Roxy is starring at me through the french doors, with white crystal on her mouth from playing in or eating said snow.  The little dogs went out already and I had to rescue them from Roxy's game she plays. We keep the little dogs on a leash and Roxy grabs the leash by her mouth and tries to play tug of war with them. Both the little dogs, Gertie and Rudy, don't weigh 20 pounds together, while Roxy easily weighs 60-70.  Needless to say it is not a fair fight, so I brought the little dogs in and left Roxy outside to chill out awhile.  Don't worry I will bring her in soon.

I was marveling this morning how much my life has changed since finding Plexus.  I have a routine when I get up now!  How cool is that for the fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants, ADD girl to have a routine. I get up, get dressed, head to the kitchen and fix my pink drink, take my Xfactor multivitamin, and my Accelerator+, which helps with energy and weight loss. I have alarms on my phone so I will remember to take my biocleanse between meals. I have a  Plexus routine that is changing my life.

I love my Plexus. It's good stuff.  I just told my sister yesterday I understood how crackheads feel, because I get nervous when my Plexus products get low because I never want to feel the way I felt before...not because it is addictive, it's not, but feeling well is addictive.

How did I feel before Plexus?  No one knows...not really. The difference in me is outstanding.  I have had work colleagues say they can tell I feel better.  However, I don't think anyone knew how bad I had gotten.  I always ended my blog posts positively. I sometimes whined on facebook, but learned pretty quickly that most of your "Friends" are not real friends, and like vultures are just there to rip you apart when you are down. So I shared funny posts and rarely commented on how truly awful I felt.  If I did mention it it was because I really, really, felt bad!

I had fibromyalgia, and then just last year, found out my thyroid wasn't functioning properly. Hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia... I didn't just have one, I had 2 diseases that caused extreme fatigue.

My family who I am especially close to, didn't realize how bad I felt either. I know my husband didn't...he was not very understanding at all that I might be tired, groggy, sleepy, achy, and down on myself already.  After I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I began to see how certain things I had suffered before were not my fault. I wasn't stupid and lazy after all!

The fact I had to nap most days, NOT MY FAULT!
The fact I couldn't get as much done as other people, NOT MY FAULT!
The fact I had gained weight AGAIN, NOT (ENTIRELY) MY FAULT!
The fact I often had "Brain fog" and needed extra time to process and react to things...NOT MY FAULT!

This changed a dynamic in me. I realized that I wasn't lazy and useless like I had been made to feel... I had  2 conditions that can be debilitating, and I was still moving, living (Sort of), working... I wasn't the loser I thought I was.

While in this funk, I suffered from depression. The Devil loved to attack me and he used my husband to do so. Whenever we have any sort of disagreement the devil would attack me and make me feel worse about myself than I already did. There was one night especially that Satan attacked me unmercilessly.  I was journaling at the time and you can see the difference in my writing when I was being bombarded with thoughts of uselessness and how quickly it changed when I called on God to save me and I commanded the Devil to flee. I will write about that night soon. God wants me to share it, even though I would wish to never think of it again, but it deserves a post all on its own.

So I was at my lowest and fattest point of my life.  After I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, the medication helped me feel better. But I still fought with fatigue. I still had those bouts of achiness which Compare to the achiness you feel when you have the flu. Fibromyalgia.  It didn't seem I could beat it.

Then my niece became a Plexus ambassador.  She had been on triplex for about 2 weeks and I could see the changes in her...more energy, she was happier! If she could see these differences in 2 weeks I had nothing to lose. I jumped right in and signed up. In the first 3 weeks, I lost 11 pounds!  I felt amazing. I had energy and didn't need to nap as much.

My vitamin D levels were always low but after starting Plexus they are now on the low end of normal!

I am now on the lowest dose of thyroid medication!

My hair...which I lost and continue to lose due to my thyroid IS growing back in!  I have baby hair!!

The biggest change of all though...NO FIBROMYALGIA!  NONE. It is GONE!! And no more $300 a month fibro prescription either. It is gone as well.

Now I feel better because of this simple line of all natural products. What are you wanting to accomplish? What health issues do you want to fix? There is a success story out there for nearly every disease and illness. Research Plexus and come talk to me if interested.

Private message me at: www.facebook.com/melodydawnbills
Check out Plexus at http://shopmyplexus.com/melodybillshubbard

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