Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Spasming Ass & Other Accomplishments.

So yesterday I worked out.

I was still sore from a Jillian Micheal's kickboxing workout I had done four days earlier (Jillian Michael's is a beast!). So, I thought I would take it easier on myself and I chose a Biggest Loser workout DVD. It has several eight minute workouts.  Eight minutes...pssshhhh...easy peasy. 

So I chose the warm up, the abs workout (I hate doing abs, even though I am  pretty strong in this area, despite being so fat), a butt workout and arms, back, and shoulders.  I had temporarily forgotten  The Biggest Loser trainers ...*sigh*...don't play...not even on a DVD.

I have to say I was pretty much enjoying it despite the amount of sweat that was dripping from my body.  I got through warm up and abs pretty quickly and really had no trouble besides fatigue until...  the butt workout.

I have been having issues with my ass for about year now. When I work out, walk long distances, or run my right butt cheek would cramp up. I am pretty sure this is from hips being out of alignment...something I learned from visiting the chiropractor last year. I haven't seen him in a long while and thus am beginning to feel the beginning of issues.

As I worked out,  I started to feel my glute beginning to cramp up some. It seems to cramp near the lower part of my hip joint. Occasionally, I stopped and stretched it out and kept going.  When I got to one legged squats I got through the left leg with no major issues. The first time I tried to do it on my right side, my glute cramped up,  forming into a tight ball of ass, my hip popped, and I squalled out in a most unlady-like manner, sounding more like a wounded walrus than a person.

I immediately bent forward, halving myself to stretch the knotted muscle out. It unknotted itself from the spasming tangle it had morphed into and returned to its normal state, though now it throbbed. I imagined it was pulsating, but I cannot see my own ass.

I skipped the rest of the one leg squats but,  I finished my workout.

 After TBL arms workout I did a Leslie  Sansone walking and kickboxing workout...think of it as kickboxing for your Granny. Lots of walking in place and low kicks. I am proud to say I followed the muscular older lady and even did the normal karate kicks to the head despite my ass muscle feeling as if it had been sent to the burning depths of  Hell.   Then I did a 10 minute Yoga stretch video...heavy on the hip stretches. I had to straighten my ass out- literally.

As the workout was done and the afternoon wore on,  I hurt in my hip and ass cheek, then my right knee started aching, then my lower back on the right side, then my other knee,  then my shoulders, and before the end of the evening, nearly every joint I possessed in my traitorous body had decided to rebel on me. I took 800 mg of Ibuprofen and went to bed early. I was beaten, but not defeated.

Today I got up with my normal energy level (Go Plexus!), but with pain in my...everywhere.

So I was determined to take it easy... I did a 20 minute TBL Power Walk DVD (1 mile) and then a 10 minute cool down stretch, and then the same 10 minute Yoga stretch video from the day before. Again heavy on the hip muscle stretching as to avoid another ass convulsing episode.

I am still pretty sore, but feel better than I did this morning. I am pretty happy that God and Plexus gave me the energy and drive to workout when in the past I would have thrown the towel in at the first sign of trouble.

 I read a quote a few days ago from the book, Half-Assed by Jennette Fulda. She is a weight loss blogger turned best selling author, who lost over half her body weight and over two hundred pounds! I found her book extremely motivational and I plan to include many of her quotes in my blog from time to time.  She claims not to know the secret formula to weight loss, but some of her advice is utterly priceless. Her words hit me like a ton of bricks, and I am just amazed at the nuggets of knowledge she gives that the rest of us miss. The quote I will leave you with is what motivated me today. This is something I totally missed in the past.  I just didn't get this. How could I miss something so basic?  I think many of us miss this or just think this doesn't apply to us. I sometimes like to think that things that may be difficult or painful to me, don't apply to me like they do the rest of the world. I was wrong.  I will leave these words for you to dwell on.

"If you saw diet and exercise as optional. you were screwed. It was nonnegotiable."

-Jenette Fulda

Carpe Diem!

P.S. I was down another pound today! Eight pounds down from maximum density!! :D

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