~~~DISCLAIMER~~~ I have no intention of being offensive with this post. I was just feeling a bit irritated with all the online attacks I had seen lately on Christians and decided to vent my frustration. Please know whatever your faith or lack there of, I still respect your viewpoint. ~~~
I am a Christian, if you follow me, you already know that. I follow lots of people, have lots of friends of varying faiths, or who are agnostic or atheist. We are able to have fulfilling discussions that do not offend the other person's view of the world. We are just a group of people learning from one another. The thing I do not understand is why when I am online, minding my own business, reading a Christian blog, or a news story, why do atheists get on the message boards and disparage our faith? I don't do that to atheist based stories. I have no inclination to make someone else feel bad about what they do or do not believe. However, I have been attacked online...been called a member of the "Christian Taliban" (Really? I don't know anyone who has blown up an opposing church or cut someone's head off for their faith. Interestingly hateful.)
I have had my God attacked, people call him the "Fairy in the sky", a "blank piece of paper"...people say I imagine HIM. I laughed out loud at the last one. The truth is I wasn't always as close to God as I am now. I even contemplated other religions, but quickly realized my mistake and came running back... He accepted me back and we are tight now. Jesus and I, we are in this 'til the end, and once that end comes we are in this forever. No one makes me feel so complete, no one makes me feel such pure joy, and the truth is...If I am one of the billions on the Earth who are "imagining" my relationship with HIM, then well...I don't want it any other way. I would rather live my life for Christ, and die and realize I was wrong about him, then to live my life groundless with no faith, and realize He was real after all. The consequences for being wrong about there being a God...Nothing I would wish on anyone. (Read the book, "23 Minutes In Hell." )
But I digress, my theory as to why atheist take such offense to anything looking like faith is because deep down, we all know there is a higher power. Deep down everyone feels that pull towards God.
You can fight it, you can deny it, but at some point you made the decision that you didn't want to "believe" in God and thus decided He wasn't real. God isn't like Santa Claus. His presence is felt by billions of people every minute of every day. Billions of people can not be wrong.
No matter how bad you want them to be.
Atheist attack me for my faith, simply because they have none.
I will continue to smile and be cordial. I have no dog in their fight. I will just tell them about the God I know, and let HIM fight this battle.
We know who wins anyway.