Saturday, December 5, 2015

Generation Xbox has no sense of humor.

Yesterday while on G+,  I came across this adorable picture.

Which spurred these ridiculously, overly butt-hurt comments from the PC zombies.  

Yes, because Justin Beiber is the standard for "doing well in life" and everyone else is jealous. 

Yeah, because whoever created this meme has the secret ability to kill people with a simple "like."  
Because liking a sarcastic post will certainly "Send you to hell."  
You would think by now the Xbox generation would have figured out that "sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you."
But these are the uber-sensitive, overly emotional children of Gen X-ers who have been coddled all their lives, given trophies for 9th place, and have  no real understanding how life really works. 
With their obsession with Snapchat and Xbox you would think they would understand that one can not be killed from a meme posted to a floundering social network.

These kids are not going to be fun to hang out with as adults. 

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