Monday, November 16, 2015

Intolerance is an ugly word.

So if I re-post a dear friends correct quote of the Quran verses that tell Islamic followers to kill all people who don't believe as they do, then I hate all Muslims? If I argue for a stronger response to ISIS and a stronger border to prevent the Paris tragedy from happening here, then I am intolerant and must hate all Muslims? If I am a Christian, and proud of it, then I must hate all Muslims? It is so funny how people assume you are hate-filled and intolerant when you don't agree with their pansy, love everyone, fairytale. This is real. It is happening. It WILL happen here. How quickly we forget the horror of 9/11...the fear we all had in our hearts for days, months... The sick feeling we carried with us in the pit of our stomach, the disbelief, the horror, the anger! We learned then you can not reason or compromise with terrorists. You can't politically defeat them with treaties. You can't stop cowardly murderers by showing a peaceful hand.

I wish you could, but you CAN'T.

Maniacs will always cause hysteria. They don't understand anything but violence. So to defeat them you must respond with violence.

And punish the countries that are funding them, but that is a different post...

So even though I think that all civilized countries should coordinate to wipe ISIS off the face of the Earth, that doesn't mean I believe all Muslims should be punished for the crimes of a few.

I would like to see peaceful Muslims speak out and  speak loudly and denounce the crimes of their brothers. However whether out of fear or that they  silently agree with the terror, they have not.

That still doesn't mean I hate them.

I am sick of people assuming because my stance is different from theirs that I am intolerant or ignorant. They want tolerance, but only if one believes as they do.

So who is intolerant now?

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