Sunday, June 14, 2015

My New Home

I am sitting outside on the back deck of the house we just purchased in April.

It's a tiny little house.  It has three perfectly square tiny bedrooms, a teeny kitchen, one and a half baths, and a laundry/ mudroom. It comes on 2 acres with a 1000 sq ft garage- perfect for my husband to hide away in.  The 2 acre yard is massive and neat, entrenched between white plank fences holding in teeming farms. The land sports a cistern, and a concrete front porch perfect for swinging on and watching the neighbors pass by while sipping sweet tea- that is if we had a swing.

 We basically stole this house. A victim of the recession it had changed hands several times in the past few years, finally settling into our capable ones.  It's perfect here. Quiet. I have uninterrupted views of the sunset and the sunrise, rolling green hills, fertile ponds, and thick trees in all directions.  Goats, turkeys, and dogs from neighboring farms often stop in to see us. In the month we have been here we have watched 2 nests of finches hatch, grow, and leave the nests.  Horses graze in the field across the country road every afternoon. My dogs and cats have a fenced in area to play.

The kids complain of being bored.


Formerly, we lived on my parents farm. A family friend dubbed it "Walton's Mountain" because it seems no one really leaves it. It was much more noisy there. Constant entertainment lay just down the road, and lots of people to talk to if you got lonely.  Sisters and nieces often dropped in, and it was rarely this quiet. My own kids often the source of the noise & commotion.

Summer evenings were especially fun, when family would descend upon Momma's house and we would go for walks, or play basketball, or just sit on her porch and laugh about each others antics.

Here, the kids have adapted to the silence. They seem calmer here. More at ease. Summer evenings are silent, except for the tree frogs singing, crickets chirping, bull frogs croaking and the comforting click of my keyboard.

Lonely? Yes, but a peace that is a balm to my soul.

I do miss the laughter of  Walton's  Mountain, though.

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